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Game is on sale on Steam. Can you put the itch version on sale too?



Sales schedule is different per platform. We did an itch summer sale recently that ended on July 23, 2021. 


You gonna put this on sale again? There is currently a Lunar New Year sale going on.

It's on sale now. 


this is a great succesor to naisancee


Where is update version

Great Game, go buy it !! you would fall in love with this game.

looks great, will try sometime i hope!

I have got to play this when I can


it is a little too expensive for me but it looks amazing, the art style you guys chosen is unique


My favorite project. It is more than a simple game - it is more than a weird contemplative travel. Manifold Garden is a master piece. If you liked Antichamber, Portal or Fragments Of Euclid, you will love this one too. As an indie dev, MG is a constant inspiration source ++


I started playing, and I couldn't stop.


Wow, I saw your GDC talk on this game. Cool to see that it is finally released. I have a lot of games on my "to play" list right now but I'll definitely check this out when I have the chance.